Workshops: Writing and Wrongings:

I’m a writing workshop junkie.  I love them, but probably not for the reasons people think.  Yes, I find the comments from  other writers on my writing helpful, but writing is a lonely business.  Workshops can be the way writers socialize.  I’ve met some of my best friends and writers at the workshops I’ve attended. These are the places you can find people who will edit your work and give you constructive criticism.  These workshops are the places you find your future partners, whether for business or pleasure. Writers workshops are the places where you will find denziens who carry, in all their pockets, valuable writing knowledge.   On the other hand, some writers see them (workshops) as a waste of their valuable writing time and not all that helpful.  I believe writers reach a plateau, a point at which they need very little feedback other then line editing and help with a title. At that stage of the game, it’s difficult to find a workshop that can give you what you want.  Then it’s time for a writer’s retreat, where you can get away from everyday distractions.

 Wonder Words: Writings and Wrongings

These are a few fast and loose rules for writing. They are in no particular order. In fact they are in Rose’s random order of writing:
1. Don’t test your psychic abilities on what you will sell and won’t sell as a writer. I consider myself pretty psychic. I mean I can tell when the milk is going to sour a few days before the BB date. But whenever I think a story is a sure thing, it usually is — a sure miss that is. And other times I think it will never sell and bingo, sold first time out…
2. If you’ve got writers’ block let your cat walk on the keyboard…

3. Short story writers, write short, (no more than 2500 words) not long, if you’re a newish writer that is and trying to break in.

A page for discussing writing issues: Okay, a writing issue.  Not really an issue, but recently I attended Westercon in Tacoma, Washington.  It’s interesting to me that with the onset of indie publishing writers are forming small groups to not only critique their writing but have their work professionally edited and marketed before they post independently.  This is a good idea, I think.  These writing groups may include professional editors, artists and anything else a writer may need to give her writing a professional appeal. At Westercon I disovered the Northwest Independent Writers Association. https://sites.google.com/site/niwahomesite/ read all about it.  I think this is the future for many writers. Is there still a place for traditional publishing?


Here’s another story of mine for free over in Smashwords. I change up my free stories. At the moment, “Chronos Christmas” and “Squirrels in Frankfurter Highlight” are free http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/209287

It’s a short one, don’t blink.


Okay, movie madness hits. I’ve seen two in the last few days, The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and Man of Steel. I went to The Heat to get out of the heat in Vancouver, and I’m a Sandra fan and becoming a Melissa fan.

I see the movie is rated a 7 out of 10. I’d give it 7.5 bullets out of 10. A female cop buddy movie — my biggest comment — way too late in coming. The movie seems dated to me. Maybe the heat got to my head, but this seemed like an old script that perhaps Mel Gibson and company turned down so they did it with females. This style of movie was popular in the ’80’s only with guy leads (Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold). Girls you shoulda’ done this one sooner.

It had other problems, like it sagged in the middle. The movie needed its own set of Spanks, but it had its funny spells. Sandra’s nice to look at and Melissa is hilarious, nice combo.

Man of Steel

When did Superman become an alien? Have I missed something? I mean I know he’s from Krypton and all, but when did he become science fiction? I don’t like that.

What can I say about that except that the back story was too long, and too science fictiony, and there was way too much senseless fighting, and did I mention the lack of chemistry between Amy Adams and Henry Cavill, oh, yeah, and the dialogue, yikes. One more thing, ‘S’ doesn’t stand for Superman!

The young supermans were great. Kevin Costner and Nick Cage are starting to look alike. This movie was a quilt of scenes that weren’t seamless. I wanted to watch Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer, forget Superman.

Movie goers who like to watch minute after minute of destruction will love this one. I give it 2 capes out of 5.




Zombies unite!  And form a daisy chain
Zombies unite! And form a daisy chain

World War Z

Okay, I liked it a lot, but I am a Zombie fan. The audience clapped for it at the end. Is that a Canadian thing? I always giggle when the audience claps. Brad Pitt is good as the ‘only-I-can-save-the world’ hero. Mireille Enos is a doting mom and brave wife. It’s a bit derivative, borrowing from Tom Cruise’s War of the Worlds, especially the scenes in the van where they try to get their panicking daughter to go to her happy place, and the traffic scenes. I see a bit of I am Legend in there (family gets away in a helicopter on the top of a building), a pinch of 2012 (flying around in an airplane where it’s a lot safer) and a dollop of Signs as an asthmatic daughter needs be talked down from her breathing attack. Is that even possible? I have asthma and am never far away from my inhaler. Then there’s the modern wall of Jericho…interesting. Still, a good ‘jump- in- your- seat zombie fest. I give it 3.5 pieces of fingers out of 5.

Saddle Shoes by kerplunk6 DeviantArt

I don’t even know if I’ve got the name right, but don’t go see it. Why you might think Jim Carrey and
Steve Carrel would be a comedy duet, a no brainer, well it is! Zombies must have eaten the producers brains to make this one.


1965, ah, yes, I remember it well.  This movie took me right back to those not so wonderful days of school tunics, and saddle shoes and record players, all the stuff that filled my shelves and closets as a kid.  Of course I was younger than the characters portrayed in the movie, but I still remember the angst of the first bra and, after playing spin the bottle, kissing the hairy lip of the slightly older boy who lived down the street. The movie certainly doesn’t flatter any of the adult characters, especially Bill Murray with his shirt off, but I did enjoy the quirky adults in this movie, although none of them should have been in charge of kids.  This IS the way I remember all adults from my childhood, quirky, crazy, concerned, but ineffective, especially in that 60’s era when kids had the great good fortune to grow up free of stranger danger and the space to playout our wild fantasies without much concern for our safety.  It all seems like hilarious, good fun, just like in the movie. If you were a child in the ’60’s, you’ll get a blast from this boyscout past and a reminder that it’s never easy to be different.

Smashwords Stories Smash Me

Cover for Alia’s Angel. Find it for free over at smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/205313

Alia’s Angel isn’t free at the moment. It’s whole .99 cents “Chronos Christmas” and “Squirrels in Franfurter Highlight” are free right now. I like to switch things up.

Now that I have the power to Smash things, you can see what I’ve done over in Smashwords.  Read my stories.  I have one posted there that’s free at the moment.  It’s called  ‘Alia’s Angel .’ It’s horror.  Why don’t you take a time out in your travels and taste a little cup of blood.  Horror question of the month:  Why do the protagonists always  think they’ve successfully killed the monster?

Two youngsters lure a lone fisherman to their lemonade stand.

For a sip of the gently horrible:http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/205313  For the next free story.

Hello World!

Random Rose in Vancouver
Conversation with a random rose.

Not Quite Qwerty*A Wall for Weirdness and the Inexplicable:

A weird thing happened today: A small worst nightmare. I put on a white skirt and went out for dinner. By the time I arrived at the restaurant, the skirt was covered in chocolate! Somehow a piece of chocolate melted and stuck to the bottom of my purse and as the purse slid back and forth across my skirt it wrote with chocolate all over it. I had to go home and change!

A wall for weirdness and the inexplicable (is that a word?) Well, I created this section to accommodate those weird and strange things that happen to all of us at times. I can’t think of a single strange thing now that I ‘ve put myself on the spot, except for, well, today I found myself on a party bus! I’d heard rumors of party busses and I even asked my teenager to promise me never to enter one, because they sounded to me like dens of ill repute. Today, magically, mysteriously, a tour I’d signed up for turned out to include a PARTY BUS, with poles, for gripping I presume, but somehow people started dancing on them…

Update on the books. I’m reading number 3 or 4, maybe 5, I don’t of the Game of Thrones, plus a collection of short stories by Camille Alexa and another by Claude LaLumiere, also one by Mitch Albom, his third I believe, For One More Day (reading this for class, to see if my students will like it) How many do you read at the same time? I’m reading four at the moment. Three are fiction one is none fiction.

Darn it.  I just wrote really cool stuff on here about zombies and lost it all.  Makes me feel crazy like a zombie when that happens.  I think I said something like, “I never liked zombies, at least not until I started watching  The Walking Dead.  That show made brain sucking, flesh munching undeads sexy, kinda.  I’m reading My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland with great cover art by Daniel Dos Santos.  I’m a reader and a writer but am alone when I say I love a great cover that I can look at over and over? When I find a picture online I will post it here.
Last night I dreamed I was bitten on my knuckle by a zombie and it hurt like a hundred hells, tore the flesh from the bone. Someone in my dream told me the bite wasn’t big enough to change me into the undead. I remember being disappointed. Go figure. I think this dream is the beginning of another story I will write. I may spell zombie with an x. Xombies.

Rose Rants
The Rose has bloomed.

That’s how I started, that’s how I stopped.

By now the original rose has wilted, died and recycled.

This is the recycled phase of, Hello World.

I’ve finally committed to my WordPress. I’ve been building my Smashwords presence and that was so much fun I remembered my promise to this blog. After a long hiatus which involved returning to higher education as an older student, and teaching full-time, getting my son through high school and a bunch of other excuses, I’ve seen the blog light through rose-coloured glasses, (yes, be ready, for rose -puns), and I want to pick up these writing threads.

I want to be a climbing rose, a writing rose, a reading rose, a reflective rose.

I want to step through the looking-glass of social media and  join the strange world of random writings.  I’ve completed two years of UBC’s Optional Residency Creative Writing, and am presently in the ‘thesis’ phase. I’ve come to my own conclusion, (after many hours of sitting at my computer and responding to my colleagues online and in the moment) that there is an excitement and challenge that comes with the kind of in-the-moment-free-write required when critquing, responding  and questioning in an online forum.  I miss that, although, I don’t miss having to be tethered to my computer for certain days and times, but I will, in a sense,  a one sided sense, recreate that experience of response here.

Pink and full of promises.

As I return to this WordPress journey and study the banner theme I selected from two years ago I wonder why I chose it. I try to recall my thinking.  I like the tranquility of this image.  I love trees. I admire its suggestion of watercolour, the minmalist line and curve, and contemplative nature of nature that this form suggests to me.  It appeals to the poet and artist and. I can focus on the light and the cloud and sky, or brood on the silhouette of tree and the sharp thornlike protusion of the land or root. Yet, I know one theme won’t be enough for my likes, there’ s an edgier and darker side to my visual tastes, the thorn to the petal. Expect change. A motto to live by.