Zombies unite!  And form a daisy chain
Zombies unite! And form a daisy chain

World War Z

Okay, I liked it a lot, but I am a Zombie fan. The audience clapped for it at the end. Is that a Canadian thing? I always giggle when the audience claps. Brad Pitt is good as the ‘only-I-can-save-the world’ hero. Mireille Enos is a doting mom and brave wife. It’s a bit derivative, borrowing from Tom Cruise’s War of the Worlds, especially the scenes in the van where they try to get their panicking daughter to go to her happy place, and the traffic scenes. I see a bit of I am Legend in there (family gets away in a helicopter on the top of a building), a pinch of 2012 (flying around in an airplane where it’s a lot safer) and a dollop of Signs as an asthmatic daughter needs be talked down from her breathing attack. Is that even possible? I have asthma and am never far away from my inhaler. Then there’s the modern wall of Jericho…interesting. Still, a good ‘jump- in- your- seat zombie fest. I give it 3.5 pieces of fingers out of 5.

The Final Catch

Tesseracts 17 Anthology

Breaking news!  Just heard last night that my short story “The Wall”  was accepted for this upcoming anthology.  When I get a copy of the cover I will post it here.  My story is a horror tale of course. Think — Alice Through the Looking Glass — Well, this story is Alice through the Wall, something like that.

Dead North the Canadian Zombie Anthology

Dead North update.  It’s an anthology.  I have a story in it.  I think the cover is very scary.  It’s a ZOMBIE anthology.  The Z word.  It’s out in the fall. My story is called, “THE ADVENTURES OF DOREA TRESS.”  Order a copy from Chapters. Here’s a link with a review and the TOC

If you stare at this cover for too long, you have to sleep with the lights on!

Anthology Cover Coming Fall 2013
Anthology Cover
Coming Fall 2013