This Blog is SeasonalĀ 

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In other words I really only attend to it in the summer when I have two months free of obligations to work, hurray, love summer. But I had to crank up the blog today because it’s a serious snow day, and I can’t get out and to delete what seemed like hundreds of spam comments (mostly Russian, I’m guessing here.) I can’t read Cyrillic, so it’s fun to scroll past pages and pages of what to me appear to be a kind of wing ding font. I marked them all as spam and installed the new Akismet plugin, hopefully that will filter them for a while.

screen shot by me

However, now that I’m here, I thought I’d post this picture of the results from my Valentine’s Day Love Reading promotion…many of you know that I try to publish my short work traditionally, and once my contract terms have met their obligations to the publisher, I have fun posting my short reads at Smashwords (by the way I’m also starting to market at Draft to Digital, and I post my long reads to Amazon). I do make my own covers for these works, like ’em or not (I’d love to hear from anyone with “comments about covers.”)

Let me connect the dots here. One thing that I love about Smashwords is that they assign every work I post a colour, and then they chart the colour on a graph. The give-away that I ran from Valentine’s Day to the following Sunday produced this amazing unicorn horn of swirls and colours that reminds me of an inverse ice-cream cone and it’s snowy outside. Dots connected. Snow day–ice-cream cone.

Okay, well,screen shot by me

that’s how a writer’s imagination works.

Enjoy short reads for only .99 penniesĀ



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