From Alpha Centauri the Earth is a Blue Bowl of Fish Soup ** Time to Crank Up the Summer Blog –well, it feels like summer…

From Alpha Centauri the Earth is a Blue Bowl of Fish Soup  


(name of my poem set to musical score)


Rhea's Readings and Rantings
Rhea’s Readings and Rantings

Here it is! My poetry and musical score collaboration with Nicholas Ryan Kelly(from Saskatchewan). We’ve worked on this since January 2015 as part of the Art Song, 2015, Vancouver, and here is the information for the Vancouver, World Premiere launch at Pyatt Hall, VSO school of Music.

Tickets $20 are available, please follow the link I’ve posted here in the Georgia Straight, (must go from the Georgia Straight event listing, to the link that take you tickets)

In case you’re wondering, I wrote the words, not the music. Performance June 6, 2015

https://www.straight.com/listings/events/457711  this is the Georgia Straight listing…

http://www.artsonglab.com/ this will tell you more about the program



Photo Source: http://www.amnh.org/explore/news-blogs/q-as/celebrate-earth-day-from-outer-space

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