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Game of Thrones @ The Pacific National Exhibition– The un-Fair – A Writer’s Secret Life

Game of Thrones @ The Pacific National Exhibition– The un-Fair


What the PNE looked like most of the time– lineups.  See that banana tree? (When did Vancouver start getting banana trees?)


Lineup GOT   me under the banana tree

Me under the banana tree (still in the lineup an hour later)

Falling asleep under the banana plant

Me asleep under the banana tree.


got-3 over view

This is a stock photo because my phone died by the time I got inside! That’s how long it took. No place on the PNE grounds was ever this empty.

Was it Worth it?

Yes, but, the lineups were too stupid. The crowds ridiculous.  The parking impossible. BUT I am a die hard Game of Thrones fan, and I have to say, the powers that be, made it hard.

The PNE administrators have to wake up. And smell the banana trees! DO SOMETHING! MAKE THE FAIR ACCESSABLE!

I’m not going to talk much about the GOT exhibit, or the sorry state of the archaic fair.

See the elevator?

got-2 oculus            Game of Thrones Wall

This is the oculus (above). Well, the contraption on the heads of the people inside is the oculus. It may not look like it but they are rushing up the icy wall inside the wooden elevator and are about to meet their fates.

The oculus was awesome and I guess it’s the way of the future for video games–total immersion in the virtual world.  The only sense missing was smell.  SPOILER ALERT!  Although, I don’t think I’m spoiling much here.  If you went, you saw. If you didn’t went, well it’s too late.

fiery arrow

The oculus is a virtural ride. Located in the GOT wall’s elevator, such as it is. You clunk and clank your way to the top, with the wind in your hair and ice below and behind until you get to the top. You’re hustled to the edge of the wall where fire arrows take you down, yes, down you go, off the wall, shot by a fiery arrow. Awesome!



Head of a Dire wolf.                                                                                                           Dragon &…

Dire wolf GO   got-6 got dresses …Daerney ‘s dresses.


I only went to the PNE to see the GOT exhibit. I got there at 11:30 am and got into the exhibit at 9:00 pm. Thank the gods I got in free to the PNE grounds because I was ready to become the mother of dragons. At 11:00 am there was no parking to be had on the fair grounds (which are actually pretty ugly, oxymoron intended). I dropped the teens off in the middle of Hastings street (literally),which had become a parking lot anyway. Off they ran, and had the IQ to go straight to the GOT booth and get the last few remaining time tickets to the exhibit.

traffic jam Get out here

George Takei  Park here!

Meanwhile, I’d spied a little, old Asian man flagging cars down to come park in his yard which was down a lane and inside a gated yard. If my car had been any larger it wouldn’t have fit (Kia, rondo). Between his non English instructions on how to park and my relief to find a parking spot, I was only too happy to hand over 20 bucks for the day. No charge to get into the fair grounds and with lots of time to kill, I went to a few more exhibits while I waited for 8:00 pm.

internet-cat-video-festival missed it

Missed this cat one, darn it!


Went to the Get Animated Exhibit…

getanimated-3 castle

Disney Castle


…where I visited my good friends Sponge Bob and Patrick (don’t know where the two random kids came from?)…

Sandy bottom and two random kids a couple of pirates…made some friends.



Had an ice cream cone…had an ice-cream cone.

Doesn’t seem like much, but most of my time was taken up with standing in line. I did a few more sitting things like watch the pig races, watch the Clydesdales trot around the arena, watched the super dogs, and ate mini doughnuts.

That’s all folks, for now. Stay tuned for my photo on the actual throne (GOT) not morning routine. On someone else’s phone!

And my final reviews for summer movies. SF and F take over!




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