2023-03-23 14:10:09
How to Train Your Dragon 2 – A Writer’s Secret Life

How to Train Your Dragon 2





I know I’m probably a bit of a late comer to this movie, but hey, LOVED it!  I know what costume I’m making for Halloween 2014. The medieval version of the statue of liberty was very effective. And one of my favorite movie scenes of all time is now the image in the sky where the mysterious dragon rider cuts up through the clouds to get a good look at our reflective, dragon riding hero, Hiccup.  Dragon rides in the sky are great scenes and I can’t wait until the rides arrive at Disney, so I can book my next trip down. Great movie.  It gets a little heavy toward the end with the dark side getting some good licks in on a few of our favorite characters, but if you’re going to play with dragons, then you’re going to get burned. I give it 5 dragon scales out of 5.

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