Lucy Loses *Spoiler Alert*



These days I have a hard time getting past the gory peripherals science fiction movies use, or not even peripherals, in some cases the in-your-face gruesomeness to get people into cinema seats.

Lucy’s viciousness and the violence of the gang world– making certain races evil (Chinese and British in this case), then there’s the  less than admirable treatment of women, all this stabbing and torturing and kicking women in the guts get in the way of the story for me. When our heroine stabbed that gang leader during his massage, why didn’t he die??

Then the silly obligatory car chase , yes, it’s exciting, but pointless. And I’ve heard people describe SJ’s acting as great but come on, is there anyone alive today who can’t act like a zombie robot?? I’m sure she’s perfectly capable of acting the part if there had been anything in the part to act! Let’s do a workshop at V-con and see how many of us can do the “Lucy look.” So, while I love the science fiction idea and the even cooler idea of — the arc of Lucy,” the missing Link” to Lucy the 100% all-brainer, I find that the neat stuff is just an excuse to portray all that yucky bloody-gory stuff and yanking bullets out of flesh.

I did like what I think was a moment of homage to 2001’s:A Space Odyssey (apes touch the monolith) at the end of this movie when the two Lucys touch fingers. I prefer to see more of the idea of attaining 100% brain capacity and the story of humankind’s adventures in advancement and human potential, not the loud noise and nonsense of Hollywood.

For me the modern day Lucy is a loser.

I give it 2 apes out of 5.060920-lucy_big[1]

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