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Saddle Shoes
Saddle Shoes

Pacific Rim

Loved it!  Yes, it has issues.  This movie has no real stars in it, except Ron Perlman (don’t know that he counts as a star, but he’s an interesting quirky character, and of course the director GDT, who seems to have a shoe fetish). Godzilla meets Transformers for grownups.  If you liked those movies you’ll like this one.  This one does a great job of making the viewer feel the clash between the titans, alien monsters hiding in the trench in the pacific rim (hence the title, which is a  little too National Geographic for my taste), and giant transformer like Rockem Sockem robots.  Okay, there are a few too many subplots: Father and daughter, brother and brother, father and son, pilot and pilot brain meld…Loved the SFX and the gritty steampunky type setting and the director’s (Guillermo del Toro) homage to his Pan’s Labyrinth’s little girl. I give it 4 Jaegers out of 5.

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