Movie Madness Musings




Is it just me or did the makers of Wolverine 2 get together with those at Pacific Rim and say, “Hey, let’s have a 2013 summer theme.  Let’s make big mechanical robot like creatures a.k.a. transformers and use Japan as a backdrop? ”  My reaction to this movie is echoed in my review of Man of Steel. It’s okay, but unless your a big Hugh Jackman fan, I’d wait till this one comes out on TV or Vid on Demand, or whatever your equivalent. The two possible love interests confused me. One did turn out to be love, the other is a body guard! Oookay.  Maybe it was just the really bad popcorn I paid big money for at Metrotown SilverCity that made this movie so-so.  I’m looking forward to Elysium! Hoping it will be the movie to rock my summer! I give Wolverine 2   hmm, 2.5 samurai out of 5.

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