Summer Movie Madness Finals

Elysium (Spoiler Alert)

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By now lovers of SF movies will be forgetting Elysium.

In an earlier post I mentioned my excitement about this one and had high hopes. There was lots to love in this movie, but once again story loses over special effects. I LOVE SFX’s, but not at the cost of story.

Okay, enough of that. Here’s what I noticed: Director Neill Blomkamp’s continues to expose the unjust world of those who are left to live in a ‘dumpster-dive’ fringe when greed and self-indulgence aren’t shared — albeit the message of ‘medical care for all’ needed to be buried a bit more. It was too on the nose, as they say, (even though I personally agree with that message),and evil Secretary Rhodes, Jodie Foster’s character, nice to see her take on the roll of a villain, but her character was not believable when she wouldn’t accept medical aid to staunch her severed carotid artery, thus, committing herself to death!! In a world that has magical medical beds (like 3D printers for the human body).

Why does Matt Damon get top billing as the star in this and Jody Foster doesn’t?? It couldn’t be because she’s a middle aged woman, could it?  Or was it because of that other SF movie she made, what was it called, uh, oh, yeah, Contact. Enough said. If you’re a summer movie goer you’ve seen Elysium.

What was really cool — my sister worked on the set of Elysium and took me on a tour of the paradise world. It looked a lot more real in the movies!


OOPS — almost forgot my movie ratings!  I give Elysium 7.5 agent Krugers out of 10

We’re the MILLERS

Okay, I’m a Jennifer Aniston fan, what can I say?  However, my guilty pleasure got left at the theatre when I couldn’t bring myself to pay nearly $40 to go see this movie.  It was in the cinema’s VIP theatre (which they didn’t happen to mention in movie listings) and I don’t know about you, but I have to have a large popcorn and a drink (and maybe twizzlers) when I go to a show.  Add that to the 40 bucks and if you start rounding up (like they do with pennies here) you’re nearly at 100 dollars for the movies, for two.  So, I will wait 6 months if that to watch it on TV for 4.99 and make popcorn in the micro.

That’s it for Summer Movie Madness!  The weather has finally cooled and I don’t need to sit in the theatre for hours to stop sweating!

If you’ve followed my novella writing this summer then you know I’ve posted chapter 12, the last chapter in Book One (maybe) to this wordpress site (also in wattpad).

I am probably going to move on to Book Two, unless I make it part of Book One….writers out there, you know what it’s like!

ttfn, as those of us who teach wend our ways back into the dusty ole classrooms.

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