Three More Summer Movie Madness Mumblings

The Conjuring

Yikes!  I finally found the nerve to go.  The theater was packed.  The movie scared me, yes, I’d say it was certainly a ten finger movie.  You know, some scary movies require that you peek through five fingers, well, I found myself peeking between all ten of my fingers.  I didn’t see much new here.  Same old horror. I’ve seen it all before in other stories and movies.  It didn’t have the originality that the Blair Witch Project did.  The Conjuring’s premise is: a house possessed by an evil spirit takes over a mother and makes her want to do nasty things to her children.  Then there’s an exorcism.  But just because you know that doesn’t mean you won’t SCREAM!  I give it 3.8 scary doll out of 5.


Never saw the first RED but I hear this one is the better movie.  I thought they were movies about Russians (apologies if that is npc).  Loved this movie because my expectations were low.  Such a power cast having a ton of fun, how could I not love this movie. John Malkovich finally plays a character I like, and Bruce Willis’ character is acceptable.  I especially loved Helen Mirrin and her line to Byun-hun, “Show me something” and Lee Byun-hun drifts the corvette, so that Helen can take care of the bad guys!  Gave me goose bumps.  I can’t explain it, you just have to go see for yourself!  It’s fun just to see who walks onto the set.  I give it 3.75 grenades out of 5.

Monsters University

Once you’ve seen all the other movies of the summer go see this one, especially if it’s hot out and you need to cool down somewhere.  Sit in an air-conditioned theater. Find a kid if you can, take her, too. Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters Inc. 1 and 2.  I’m not up to date on my Monsters movies.  I saw number 1 and then my son grew up, thus, I missed number 2.  But I remember loving the first movie, so much so that I actually bought a Monsters towel for the beach, for my child of course!  The  movie is cute, funny, loveable, all the things you’ve come to expect from these movies, but it’s didactic and that part of the movie clunks.  Somebody cheats in a competition. That’s all I’ll say. I don’t think it reaches the bar that the first movie, Monsters Inc., put up.  I give it 3.5 screams out of 5.

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